Lucy T Smith
botanical artist


A selection of my work can currently be seen at the Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art at Kew Gardens, as part of the "Inspiring Kew" exhibition. Barringtonia racemosa painted by me onboard the Endeavour replica during the BBC re-enactment voyage hangs alongside the original painting by Sydney Parkinson of the same species (1771). Many of my pen and ink illustrations for Palms of New Guinea, and some of the pressed specimens they are drawn from, are also on display.

Other highlights of the exhibition include an original painting by Ferdinand Bauer of the details of Livistona humilis painted on his voyage around Australia with Matthew Flinders (1801-1803); and a beautiful historical black-and-white lithograph of the Victoria amazonica waterlily by Fitch.

Click here for a link to Kew's website with information on the exhibition